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Chef Menajem

Argentinian Churros

Argentinian Churros

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12 Argentinian Churros by Chef Menajem

Step into the Sweet Side of Argentina at Chef Menajem's Shop

12 Argentinian Churros - $25 per dozen

Indulge in the Sweet Tradition with Chef Menajem's Churros

Treat yourself to the delightful taste of Argentina with Chef Menajem's authentic Argentinian Churros. Each churro is a masterpiece of simplicity and flavor, following time-honored recipes and a dedication to culinary excellence. Our churros are made from a soft, yet crisp, flour-based dough, deep-fried to golden perfection. They embody the ideal balance of a crunchy exterior and a soft, airy interior.

Savor the Magic of Argentinian Churros

Each bite of our churros is a journey to the streets of Argentina. Perfectly golden, these churros are rolled in a blend of sugar and a hint of cinnamon, offering a sweet and slightly spiced flavor profile. For an added touch of decadence, pair them with our rich, homemade chocolate sauce, turning each bite into an unforgettable experience.

Please note: Our churros are crafted with the utmost care to preserve the classic taste of this beloved Argentinian treat. Therefore, the recipe and preparation methods are adhered to with precision, ensuring each churro you savor is as authentic as it is delicious.

Order now and let Chef Menajem's Argentinian Churros sweeten your day with a taste of Argentina's most cherished dessert. šŸ‡¦šŸ‡·

āœ’ļø Confectioned with Love by Chef Menajem šŸ‘Øā€šŸ³

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